At last week’s National Order of the Arrow Conference (I’ll do a write-up about the whole event soon), National Chief Alex Call launched a movement in his Wednesday night address. He asked (“dared”) each of the 15,000 Arrowmen in attendance to join him in impacting the world in a positive way as the Order begins its second century of service.

The concept is simple: Execute one, simple act of service (a “good turn”, as it’s been called in scouting for ages) each day. But now, instead of staying quiet about it, talk about it – Tweet about it or post it on Facebook with the hashtag #DareToDo. Why brag? Well, it’s not bragging as much as it is changing the common perception that there’s more bad than good in the world. By executing good deeds and spreading the word about them, we hope to start changing hearts and minds towards positive action one day at a time.

The challenge was to take the #DareToDo pledge for 100 days, but I have a feeling that for many of us, it’ll continue beyond the first 100 days.

We’d love others – YOU – to join us. Would you?

Here’s a video of the 25-minute address where Alex issued the challenge:

Ideas to start with:

A friend asked, so here are some ideas to get you started. But first, it’s important to note that no idea is “too small”. As our National Chief said in his address:

  • Pay for the order of the car behind you in line
  • Buy some cinnamon roles or other treats at the airport and take them around to the airline and airport employees (a friend did this at the Detroit airport today as they were flying home from NOAC)
  • Give an hour or two to help at a homeless shelter
  • Go spend some time with residents at a nursing home (some Arrowmen in Hawaii, catching wind of the challenge online, did this earlier this week)
  • Offer to take an elderly neighbor to the store, or to church, or just spend some time with them over a cup of coffee
  • Say “hi” to the person at school or at the office that no one usually speaks with – be friendly
  • Cover some extra work and hours for a coworker so that they can make it to a family event
  • Just give someone a warm smile
  • Cut the neighbor’s grass
  • Walk up and down your block picking up the trash
  • Help raise or collect some money for a good cause
  • Volunteer – anywhere!
  • Hold the door open for a few extra people
  • Be a little less aggressive in the morning rush
  • Help clean up your table to make the wait staff’s job easier
  • Check out some of the things other people are doing via the Twitter #DareToDo Search for more ideas




Here’s a running log (updated each day) of my own #DareToDo posts:

Day 1 – August 6:

Day 2 – August 7:

Day 3 – August 8:

Day 4 – August 9:

Day 5 – August 10:

Day 6 – August 11:

Day 7 – August 12:

Day 8 – August 13:

Day 9 – August 14:

Day 10 – August 15:

Day 11 – August 16:

Day 12 – August 17:

Day 13 – August 18:

Day 14-26 – August 19-August 31:

Picked up a TON of litter as I traveled and hung out with my family:

Day 27 – September 1:

Day 28 – September 2:

Day 29 – September 3:

Day 30 – September 4:

Day 31 – September 5:

Day 32 – September 6:

Day 33 – September 7:

Day 34 – September 8:

Day 35 – September 9:

Day 36 – September 10:



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  1. Loved this message….I have a nephew and niece, David and Katie Reagan(twins), who are in scouting and puts it at the top of their life. I so appreciate how they think about helping others. Lots of little things listed above my husband and I do all the time(donating time, paying for order behind us, stacking dishes at restaurant) but never really thought about it as a big deal in helping others and we never thought of telling anyone. Thanks to Michael Halbrook for telling us that it’s not bragging but spreading the “do good” word so maybe others will do it also. We need more people like those here..Keep spreading the word.!!!!!!!

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